Our Story

PeachyChickenPizzaBaby is a queer artistic collaboration between Amanda N. Simons and Lindsay Jones, both based in Penland, North Carolina.

Amanda and Lindsay met while working for the same organization, where they taught, managed, and trained collaborative, consent-centric experimental project-based learning workshops (based in welding, large-scale wooden sculpture, and structural engineering) to students age 5 to 17.

Upon that foundation, Amanda and Lindsay began to experiment with other non-hierarchical, anarchist models of free education and independent skill building. These experiments took the forms of Make Something Club, a weekly peer support and skill building social group, as well as Feminist Sewing Circle, a bimonthly meeting of grrls and grrl allies interested in textile art. In both social experiments, members were encouraged to exchange knowledge, assist with skill building, and provide technical, social, and emotional support while deepening their teaching and making experience. We collaboratively made spice racks, looms, and screenprints, as well as fixed cars and rebuilt sewing machines. Often, the group drew and painted together -- sometimes collaboratively and sometimes independently.

Part result of these social collaborations, and part result of a deep deep relationship with one another, Amanda and Lindsay have produced numerous collaborative drawings and paintings, as well as skill swapped in print production and textiles projects. Their collaborations bare the PeachyChickenPizzaBaby name.

Some results of our collaborations can be found on this shop!

Part of the mission of PeachyChickenPizzaBaby is to give back to local organizations that support girls' education, LGBT youth, sex education, homelessness support, queer art, indigenous peoples' and POC advocacy, as well as artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities.

The bottom line -- we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, we should work together more often, and profits should infuse back into that system.