About Us

Peachy Chicken (Lindsay Jones) has been a SCUBA diver, Underwater Archaeologist, Woodworking Teacher for 5 yr olds, Professional Lice Comber, Tallship Sailor, Alaskan Fishery Observer, Lionfish Hunter, and Girl Scout Camp Lifeguard and that's just what they've been paid to do. Now Peachy Chicken is fixing the car, fixing the sewing machine and learning how to screenprint and make tapestries out of human hair.  Also, Peachy Chicken is using Instagram (@blood_everywear) to normalize menstrual blood.

Pizza Baby (Amanda N. Simons) has too many educational degrees and uses them to do things like make really good sauces, carve plywood, grow succulents, and scoop cat litter. During the day Pizza Baby helps ensure the safe use of tools across all studios in one of the largest craft schools in the country. On the evenings and weekends, Pizza Baby enjoys cutting up vegetables, drawing pictures of cutting up vegetables, and making sculptures of cut up vegetables.

Peachy Chicken and Pizza Baby like to make weird drawings together. Sometimes those drawings turn into pins, prints, or underpants. They are an effective team.